PHILADELPHIA - The Sea Isle Police Department recently announced that the town is moving to a new mobile parking app. The ParkMobile app will let motorists pay for parking at nearly 900 parking spaces throughout the city. Before, parking fees were collected through parking kiosks. Now, motorists can use their mobile devices to pay for parking at any parking spot on the island. The town plans to launch the app before the summer tourism season.

With over 450 locations across the U.S., ParkMobile is growing rapidly. In the last year, its user base has increased by 276% year-over-year. Additionally, it has launched service at numerous colleges and universities, including Vanderbilt University, the University of California, Davis, and the University of Santa Barbara. The service has also recently expanded to Puerto Rico, where it will open its first location in the Distro T-Mobile entertainment district.

The new app will replace the electronic parking kiosks that have a hard time with salt air. It will allow motorists to extend their parking time and receive alerts when the time has passed. Parking is available at a wide range of locations, from large to small, including downtown. While the app is not yet available for use in all cities, it is likely to be adopted by many more local businesses.

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