Eagles-Rams 2020 Recap | Philadelphia Caller

PHILADEPHIA - Much of the game was spent with the two injury-riddled offenses trading three-and-outs. The Eagles were without their starting receivers, leaving a group of nobodies to fill the void.

Players like Greg Ward (who has been playing well this season actually), 5th round pick John Hightower, and Travis Fulgham had to try and carry the load. This came with very mixed results. 

Wentz often had to hold the ball for far too long or buy time in order to get receivers open. It was a showcase of Wentz’s athleticism and sneaky speed, but not in the way you want to see it. It felt like Wentz was running for his life, and you just had to hold your breath every time he extended a play. Wentz’s deep ball in the fourth quarter to Fulgham was a fantastic play, maybe the best all season. Perfect ball, a great catch, and great athleticism to reach the end zone. That’s Eagles football, and that’s what this team needs. 


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