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Harrisburg PA - The state's largest agricultural event is returning in 2022. Following last year's cancellation due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the state's Farm Show will feature new food items, a larger market, and even beer from the Pennsylvania Preferred Culinary Connection. The event will be held January 8-15 in Harrisburg. Visitors are encouraged to wear masks to protect themselves from the invasive virus.

Lehigh County - "Our animals connect us to the sacred. What are pets, really, other than an attempt to have a little bit of a God in the house?" -- Russell Brand The current autumn weather in Pennsylvania feels more like spring or summer than fall. Not cool. Literally. Projected temps are near 80 degrees some days. Where's the expected crisp chill? It'll be here soon enough, I'm sure

PHILADELPHIA, PA - It's not uncommon for first-floor houses to add a second floor in the long run. As part of home renovation and building, many owners opt to add another layer to their property. If you are planning to do the same, there are many things to consider. Like any other house addition, it's best to ensure that things turn out safe and well.

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