PHILADELPHIA, PA - It's not uncommon for first-floor houses to add a second floor in the long run. As part of home renovation and building, many owners opt to add another layer to their property. If you are planning to do the same, there are many things to consider. Like any other house addition, it's best to ensure that things turn out safe and well.

Adding a second floor to your single-floor property can be the biggest home project in your timeline. It's not easy to plan and save up for an additional floor in any existing building. Always make room for contingency plans and compromises. Preparation is key to getting a successful construction.

Prepare the garage first before adding a top floor

There are many ways to add a second story to an existing house layout. You can prepare to build a separate building and reconnect the main house to the additional building. You may also opt to use the space above the garage. If you will use the garage, it's best to prepare the garage before starting the construction. 

First, the garage is a space for the supposed vehicle. For many owners, however, it becomes additional storage space for house items and machinery. Clear out the garage first and inspect for damages and issues. Any decay and weak structures can lead to compromise to the second story.

Another thing to note is the garage door. If there are problems with the doors to the garage, you will most likely have problems building a second story. It's best to get a garage door repair company to inspect the current condition of the garage door. There may be times that you didn't know that you might need adjustments, such as a garage door spring repair or perhaps a garage door panel replacement.

Garage door repair services for garage preparation

Damages to the garage door can weaken the structure of the garage. If there are problems with the frame and placement, misalignment issues may happen. 

There are many ways to add a second story to the garage space above. You can opt for demolition or roof removal. Adding a second story may mean removing the garage roof and increasing ceiling space. 

Before starting the construction of the additional floor, the repair is necessary first. Fix any issues with the current mechanism and note all the placements of the garage door before the construction. There should be enough space for the garage door to fit and slide on even with changes to ceiling space.

Inspect and analyze the existing structure first

Sometimes, homeowners tend to see the results ahead instead of the preparation process. One of the reasons total costs exceed budget is to make up for the problems beforehand. Expenditures can stem from repairing the current layout first. 

If you want your second floor to last long, the foundation should be strong. With weak home integrities and structures, you'll need to deal with the current condition first. Decaying walls and leaky roofs can become problematic in the long run. 

Another example is a current garage door installation may not be fit for your plans. Sometimes, you may need to take out the door or move it to a different placement to accommodate the changes.

The decision falls on whether or not your house is fit for an additional floor. Suppose teams decide that your home can't handle another floor, better to redirect your budget to repairs. It's better to be safe than to be sorry.

Invest in professional services

There are different tiers of quality where construction is concerned. However, it's always better to invest in professional services for an additional floor.

You can't risk quality and shoddy work with something as important as your home. Remember, constructing an additional second floor is not inexpensive. You will put out money to add another aspect to your home. If your budget isn't ready for a more long-term quality addition, it's better to wait it out and save more.

Another thing is that professional services from professional companies tend to have more accountability. You will not only be dealing with builders or professionals. At least you have other figures who can be accountable for your service.

Other options as additional home stories

The most common way to add a second story is to remove or reduce the roof of a building. Then, contractors build the space from scratch.

Nowadays, there is a rise in modular designs where companies install premade layouts. With modular designs, you have blocks to add to your home, and with installation to add the module on top.

Benefits of modular designs include less time for building and a variety of designs. Modular additions can be affordable options as well.

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