South Jersey - The Wildwoods in South Jersey is a fun, family-friendly travel destination with plenty of things to see and do. Still, when it comes time to eat, you'll find a wide variety of options. From gastropubs to plenty of seafood joints, there is something for everyone to Eat in Wildwood.

Let's start with the island's bakeries and bagel shops, from cozy neighborhood bakeries with creative flavors to fresh-baked specialty shops selling everything from sticky buns to beagles.

Wildwood New Jersey Eats and Treats

Next, head to the boardwalk and take in the smells of all the boardwalks eats. From Boardwalk Pizza to Johnswon's Kettle Corn, you can get overwhelmed by all the options. To help out,  PhillyBite Magazine created a list of The Best Wildwood Boardwalk Eats.

Whether you are looking to relax and catch the breeze off the bay or enjoy the sunset with a drink in hand, The Wildwoods also has some great places to grab a beer and relax on an outside deck or perhaps a beachside oasis.  Our top picks can be found here: Great Outdoor Decks, Bars, and Drinking in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Time for a slice? The island is known for some of the best pizza in south jersey; from pizza by the slice to specialty pies, we have you covered.

And, finally one can't hit the Jersey Beaches without grabbing some Ice Cream, and in Wildwood, you have a lot of options to grab a scoop. From Old-Fashion Ice Cream Parlors to Counter service shops, check out: Ice Cream Spots in Wildwood.

So the next time you're in The Wildwoods, remember to check out all the great treats, eats, and drinks the island offers.

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