PHILADEPHIA - Jackson Greenberg Debuts Original Film Score for Philadelphia Eagles Documentary


Mabey Next YearEagles Fan and Philadelphia Native Come to a Full Circle to Compose Music for Hometown Team. Film score composer and Philadelphia native Jackson Greenberg grew up a die-hard Eagles fan. As the son of a season ticket holder, he was at all the legendary, heartbreaking games including the last game at Veteran’s Stadium. So when he heard rumors about a documentary following the unexpected 2017 season of the Philadelphia Eagles, entitled Maybe Next Year, producing the score was a dream project for him and he fought hard to join the project.

Growing up, Greenberg always had a passion for composing music. His passions took him to study undergrad at Princeton University and graduate school at the University of Southern California. Greenberg quickly got a job working for legendary composer Randy Newman who is known for his work on The Natural, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and many other Disney/Pixar feature films. Jackson’s time with Newman led him to work on documentaries and his work has been featured in Emmy winning television and Oscar-nominated (Cartel Land, 2015) films. Jackson’s work has been performed by ensembles and orchestras around the world. Most recently, he composed the hit theme song for the “Explained” series on Netflix.

Greenberg earned the opportunity to compose the score to the Eagles documentary detailing their journey to winning the 2018 Super Bowl, which he was actually at himself! Writing the score pushed Greenberg creatively; finding the right sounds to make it just right was a challenge. With the help of a friend and saxophonist Jon Natchez from The War On Drugs on parts of the score, the two found the perfect mixture of saxophone, harmonica, and other sounds to make the score more “Philly.”

“Being from this city and an Eagles fan me, I knew what the fans expected and deserved,” says composer Jackson Greenberg. “It took many months to write music that felt just right while trying to add a Philadelphia flavor into the score to make something special.”

The official trailer for the documentary came out on October 20th, and the documentary along with the full score debuts November 10th.

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