PHILADELPHIA, PA - As Pennsylvania restaurants and bars prepare for 100% capacity starting Memorial Day, a lack of staffing now faces many business owners eager to return to normal seating capacity.


Many Restaurants Find It Hard To Hire As A Result of The Pandemic

All across the state, restaurant owners are finding it challenging to find employees. Many workers during the pandemic have found careers in other fields after being laid off during the Covid-19 shutdowns.

While restaurants and bars let staff go, supermarkets, e-retailers and warehouses were scooping up laid-off busboys, servers, and kitchen workers. Many of which were more than receptive to the new stability and work hours these new carriers offered.

In addition, many parents are reporting that they don't feel safe with their kid's work during the pandemic. Thus, the lack of lower-skilled and lower-paid positions is typically filled by youth looking for summertime jobs.

However, one of the biggest factors is turning out to be extended unemployment benefits, making it harder to convince workers to return to their old jobs. Now extended through September 2021.

Others report that workers would rather not deal with the stress of dealing with new health regulations, such as wearing masks during their shifts.

As a result, many business owners are offering job seekers incentives such as a signing bonus, higher wages, and benefits to new employees.

For instance, Chickie's & Pete's offered job seekers free Crabfries and a two hundred dollars signing bonus during their recent job fair.

For, now those looking for a job are in high demand and can weigh their options for employment. Many job seekers and lower-paid workers have found it easier to move into higher-paying positions. With restaurants practically begging for workers, the opportunity to move to a harder-to-get position at a hip or upscale establishment is easier to obtain.


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