Yuengling & American Eagle Foundation Expand Partnership for Holidays | Philadelphia Caller

POTTSVILLE, Pa – D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc., America’s Oldest Brewery, announces today that it will continue its partnership for a second year with the American Eagle Foundation (AEF), a leading nonprofit organization focused on the care and protection of the U.S. National Symbol, the Bald Eagle.


Throughout the first year of the partnership, AEF has been able to advance its mission of education, conservation, and rehabilitation for the Bald Eagle.

“As America's Oldest Brewery, we trace our traditions back over 190 years to when we were first founded as the Eagle Brewery. The eagle has become a symbol of our inspiration and quality, and we are committed to preserving this special bird for future generations," said Debbie Yuengling, Employee Engagement & Culture Manager, and 6th generation family member, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. "We are proud to build upon our partnership with the American Eagle Foundation for a second year to grow their successful programs and make a sustained impact. We look forward to helping them expand educational opportunities and support their efforts in building an Eagle hospital.”

Director, American Eagle Foundation. “This second-year partnership with Yuengling allows us to live out our mission in a sustainable way. The Bald Eagle has played a prominent role in Yuengling’s 190-year history and it feels like a natural fit to continue this partnership.”

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